HostaplantingBags are produced  from patented Texel TexR® root control technology geo-textile.  The SpinOut coating stops roots on contact and the geotextile allows air and water permeability.

How to Use:

General Application for Hostas and Perenials

  • Invert the TexR bag to put the dark SpinOut coating on the out side.
  • Fold or cut the bag to the desired depth.
  • Dig planting holes double the width of the bag your using.  I suggest amending that native soil and using it as your host bag planting mix.
  • Plant new hostas or divisions in theTexR bags as you would in any planting container. Fill soil to within an inch or so from the top of the bags and pack soil well.
  • Now Plant hostas in the pre-dug landscape holes and back fill .   hint- I like leaving a slight lip of bag above ground. Stops and over the top roots also slugs and snails from the copper barrier

Please be creative for better methods to use but this has been a simple standard over the years.